How to Book

The instructions below are intended for both balloon flights and Bungee Jumping. This is how it goes down from purchasing a ticket to booking your slot!

1. Ordering Process - at Checkout:

1. Fill in the desired flight date/flight period - In the ordering process, you are required to fill in the desired period or specific date you want to fly and we will try to accommodate to the extent it is possible. However, please note that flying a specific date is not a guarantee as many factors play into when we can actually fly. Weather conditions and the number of available slots are just a few to consider.

2. Fill in the names of all passengers/jumpers intended for the same flight in the optional message box during checkout. This makes it easier for us to plan your flight in advance. You can leave this field blank however.

3. Enter the approximate weight(s) of the person(s) intended for the flight/jump. This makes it easier for us to plan your flight. This information is required.

2. After the Purchase

4. You will receive a booking code emailed to you - This is an automatic order confirmation that contains a booking code. Booking a flight is primarily done by redeeming the booking code. Therefore, keep the booking code safe from unauthorized use as it may not be redeemed again.

3. Booking a Flight date

5.We will contact you to book a date - As we approach the specific flight date that you have requested, you will be contacted by our staff. This will normally occur 3 days before the flight day and you will subsequently have hours to confirm your participation for the scheduled flight, after which we move on to other customers. If you confirm your participation, you will get daily updates on the weather forecast until 10 o'clock on the day of the flight, when we decide whether the weather permits an attempt or we need to reschedule the flight.