Bungee jump

This is the world's ONLY Bungee Jump from a free-flying hot-air balloon! 

world's highest Bungee jump from a free-flying hot air balloon!

Forget everything you have heard before about adrenaline rushes. You simply have to try this to grasp the nature of the experience. With drop altitudes of 265-600 meters*, the world is literally at your feet. Or under. And you can only experience it at Bungy STHLM!

* The jump altitude is determined by a number of factors such as wind conditions and air traffic rules.

Safety - truly world class

At Bungy STHLM, safety is a core value and an integral part of our long-term strategy of providing the most exciting experiences out there.

We have taken specific measures every step of the way to ensure the safety of our jumpers. This entails not least integrated safety redundancy in critical components such as in our bungee cords and the connecting points along the safety system.

Continuous development of the safety measures as well as recurrent training of our staff are also parts of our comprehensive strategy to fully commit to safety in every aspect of our products.

Bungee jump


The prices are per person


5995 SEK


5395 SEK

Group price

26.975 SEK

Including 5 persons


Student/Youth Price: 
The discounted price applies to jumpers no older than 18 years of age and to students. To be eligible for the discount, you will be asked to present a valid student card and ID on site.
Group Price: 
The discount applies for booking of minimum 5 jumpers and for the jumps to take place on the same balloon ride. 

Bungy Jump

Priserna inkluderar GoPro Max filmkit!


5995 SEK


5395 SEK

Group price

5395 SEK

The prices are per person including rental of GoPro Max film kit


Student/Youth Price: 
The price is for youths up to 18 years old and for students. You will be asked to present your student ID on site.
Group Price: 
The discount applies for booking of minimum 5 jumpers and for the jumps to take place on the same balloon ride.

How to Book

The instructions below are intended for both balloon flights and Bungee Jumping. This is how it goes down from purchasing a ticket to booking your slot!


1. Ordering Process - at Checkout:

1. Fill in the desired flight date/flight period - In the ordering process, you are required to fill in the desired period or specific date you want to fly and we will try to accommodate to the extent it is possible. However, please note that flying a specific date is not a guarantee as many factors play into when we can actually fly. Weather conditions and the number of available slots are just a few to consider.

2. Fill in the names of all passengers/jumpers intended for the same flight in the optional message box during checkout. This makes it easier for us to plan your flight in advance. You can leave this field blank however.

3. Enter the approximate weight(s) of the person(s) intended for the flight/jump. This makes it easier for us to plan your flight. This information is required.

2. After the Purchase

4. You will receive a booking code emailed to you - This is an automatic order confirmation that contains a booking code. Booking a flight is primarily done by redeeming the booking code. Therefore, keep the booking code safe from unauthorized use as it may not be redeemed again.

3. Booking a Flight date

5.We will contact you to book a date - As we approach the specific flight date that you have requested, you will be contacted by our staff. This will normally occur 3 days before the flight day and you will subsequently have hours to confirm your participation for the scheduled flight, after which we move on to other customers. If you confirm your participation, you will get daily updates on the weather forecast until 10 o'clock on the day of the flight, when we decide whether the weather permits an attempt or we need to reschedule the flight.

Important information

It is important that you read and understand the requirements for bungee jumping before booking a flight. If you still have questions, you can always contact us.

Flight time

Normally 1-2 hours but can be slightly longer or shorter.


Total length

4-5 hours and includes:

  • The pilot's safety briefing
  • Handling of balloon before and after .ight
  • The actual flight
  • Champagne toast after landing - alcohol free
  • Returning to assembly point by car


Age limit

Minimum 15 years. Jumpers under 18 need to present guardian's consent.


Weight restrictions

50-125 kg



Comfortable and durable. Flat shoes that can be tightened.

Afraid of heights?

 Read this before you book a jump!

Bungee Jumping off a free-flying balloon is just as extreme as it sounds. If you know that your fear of heights might become an issue, then it is safe to assume that dizziness will likely ensue and you will be flushed with negative thoughts that obstruct you from taking the leap.
Of course, no-one knows for certain how we will react once we stand on the edge of the balloon basket. You will be literally hundreds of meters above the ground and that’s a scary sight for most of us. But it does help to envision such a scenario in advance to help prepare yourself mentally for what is to come. And yes, there have been a few occasions when someone never overcame the fear and ultimately failed to jump, but that number is actually vanishingly small.
Our view is that, anyone can take the leap with a healthy dose of grit and determination. A mental preparation will help you a great deal along the way. But it doesn't hurt to think through your decision before you make that purchase.

We fly here!

We fly mainly in the cities of Västerås and Enköping between May and October. But depending on weather conditions we may also fly in proximate cities such as Örebro and Uppsala etc.

We follow Safe

The Most Stringent Regulations

We comply with Trygg E-handel's requirements for e-commerce that are set out to protect consumers' rights. Your customer satisfaction is important to us. This means, among other things, that we offer:

  • 2 year validity period
  • 2 weeks right of withdrawal - 100% refund, no questions asked!
  • Speedy customer service. Our hours of service are the best in the business, between 10.00 and 20.00 every day!
  • The prices you see are what it will cost in total, no additional charges. The prices for our international customers are subject to fluctuating currency rates

gopro max film included!

295 SEK / Person

You want to capture the craziest thing you have ever done on film? Then we've got you covered. When you purchase a Balloon Bungee ticket, a GoPro Max film kit rental is included in the price. We will edit the video and send it to you by mail within days after your jump. Let the world know of your thrilling spirit! 

An extreme gift

29 SEK (for the physical gift card)

So you want to scare the living daylight out of someone you love with perhaps the most spectacular experience out there? Then order a gift card at checkout and we will send it to your address of choice. We promise that this gift will leave no one untouched. The only question is whether the recipient dares to jump...