Hor Air Ballooning is pure magic!



Booking of flight can be done at a later date and within 2 years from order.

  • Order a physical gift card at no charge (value 29 SEK)
  • We fly every day of the week weather permitting, throughout October. 2 year validity of tickets
  • 14 days right of withdrawal. Full refund, no questions asked.

* NOTE: Limited quantities, the campaign could end before the announced end date.

An unforgettable adventure

Do you want to experience the magic of ballooning? Then we can help you with an airborne adventure that you will never forget! We are a team of pilots and adventurers who are passionate about exclusive experiences. After more than 20 years of flying balloons, it still gives us that tickling sensation every time we are in the air!

A beautiful journey - from beginning to end

In the world of ballooning, we float silently in the air only with the help of winds. On our way, we pass over verdant pastures, scenic landscapes and bustling city streets. Sometimes we fly so close to tree tops that we can almost touch the leaves. It’s simply an experience that leaves no-one untouched.

The perfect gift

If you want to give away ballooning as a gift, then we have a beautiful gift card to provide you for the occasion. Just make sure to order one during the checkout. Ballooning as a gift is extremely appreciated.

In fact, more than half of our passengers have been lucky recipients of a gift card.

If you order a ticket for yourself too, then we will accommodate so that you are booked for the same flight and can share the experience together!

Our location - Just a one hour drive from Stockholm

We offer balloon flights mainly in Västerås and Enköping from May to October. They are located just 80 to 120 km west of Stockholm. These locations offer plentiful of potential landing fields in all directions which significantly boosts the odds of carrying out a flight regardless of wind direction.

Morning flights are supremely beautiful!

Flying in the morning means we will have to gather in the wee hours to get ready to fly in conjunction with the sunrise.

In June for instance, the sunrise occurs around 3 o’clock, meaning we gather at 1 in the morning! Now that might sound deterring at first thought, but that’s just because you don’t know what we know: morning flights are pure magic. There is almost nothing more beautiful than to experience the sunrise when in the air and witness the mist over the ground vaporise slowly from the heat of the sun. That’s when you will realise it was all worth it!

Morning flights can be purchased separately at the lower price of 2195 SEK.

An experience you will never forget!

Committed to Impeccable Service

We follow the most stringent requirements for online purchases in Sweden. This means that we offer:

  • 2 years validity

  • 14 days right of withdrawal - 100% refund*

  • Response to inquiries within 48 hours - We are also available by phone everyday of the week between 10-20 during our season
  • Different payment methods for our Swedish customers*

* The physical gift card purchase excluded

** Credit card only for our international customers purchase

Flight Duration Normally around 1 hour but could last slightly longer or shorter

Total Duration 4-5 hours and includes:
- pilot safety briefing
- Preparation and packing of the balloon before and after the flight
- the flight itself
- Toasting after landing
- Travelling back to the original launch site

Age Limits Ingen åldersgräns, istället måste passagerarna
mäta minst 1,30 meter i höjd. Passagerare under 18 år behöver uppvisa
målsmans intyg.

Weight Limits Maximum 125 kg

Clothing Comfortable, durable clothes. Flat footwear that can be tightened. Warm clothes when applicable.

Fysiska krav. För att säkerställa säkerheten för våra passagerare följer en uppsättning krav som säkerställer att passagerare fysiskt kan ta del av ballongupplevelsen:

– Du ska kunna klättra in och ut ur korgen (som är ca 1,2 meter hög)
– Stå utan hjälp i en timme och kunna böja knäna för att stödja landningen
– Passagerare måste också fullt ut kunna förstå och följa alla instruktioner från piloten
– Funktionshinder (rullstolsburen, rörelsehinder mm): Kontakta oss så att vi kan göra en individuell bedömning-

Under Civil Aviation Law, the pilot in command has a duty of care for all passengers and, ultimately, it is the pilot's decision whether someone is able to safely participate in the flight. Please see the sections on age and weight restrictions, medical conditions, pregnancy and disability below.

- No age requirement, but passengers must be minimum 1,30 meters tall - Disability (wheelchair, mobility etc.): contact us so we can look into your specific case - Pregnancy: For safety reasons, we are unable to fly pregnant women. If you are unsure whether you fulfill the requirements and need further supervision or separate assessment, contact us.

Hälsoanvisningar. Vissa åkommor kan utlösas eller förvärras i samband med Ballongflygning. Dessa
åkommor innefattar men är inte begränsade till:

- Heart failure
- Stress related illnesses
- Back-and neck related injuries
- High/low blood pressure
- Epilepsy
- Ocular hypertension (high eye pressure)
- Fractured bones/dislocations
- Panic/Anxiety attacks
- Any recent sprains/muscular injuries
- Osteoporosis
- Recent concussion - Diabetes

Vi rekommenderar dig som är osäker på ditt hälsotillstånd att rådgöra med läkare innan du bokar en ballongflygning. Passageraren ansvarar själv för sitt kroppsliga tillstånd
och skall inte flyga vid tveksamheter kring egen hälsa.

Av säkerhetsskäl flyger vi inte personer som är under graviditet oavsett stadie.
Om graviditet inträffar efter att du beställt flygning, kontakta oss så förlänger vi din biljett med 1 säsong.

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