The World’s Highest

Forget about everything else you’ve heard of adrenaline kicks before. You simply have to try it to grasp the true nature of the experience. With drop altitudes of 250-600 meters*, you will literally have the world at your feet. Or under. This is truly a once-in-alifetime experience!

* The drop altitude is determined based on various factors such as the wind conditions and air traffic rules.


If you don’t believe us, here’s what some of our previous customers have to say in their own words

Såhär bokar du en flygning

1. Ange önskade datum vid beställning

Vid beställning anger du de datum du önskar flyga. Ge oss helst så mycket information om möjligt om din tillgänglighet, t.ex.om det är särskilda datum, veckodagar eller period m.m.

2. Vi kontaktar dig 3 dagar innan för uppdatering av vädret

När det återstår cirka 3 dagar till det första datumet du angivit, kontaktar vi dig för en väderuppdatering och uppdaterar dig därefter löpande framtill det aktuella datumet. Om vädret inte skulle tillåta flygning så kommer vi överens om ett nytt datum med samma procedur.

Vi rekommenderar dig att kontakta oss cirka 1 vecka innan för att påminna oss. Det kan stundtals vara mycket förfrågan från kunder och en påminnelse säkerställer att vi inte glömmer dig. Ballongflygning är helt enkelt teamwork från början till slut!

3. Vi bokar in dig för ett flygtillfälle

När vi väl konstaterat att vädret funkar för ett aktuellt tillfälle så reserverar vi din plats för flygningen. Samma dag som flygningen är inbokad, återkommer vi på förmiddagen kring kl. 10 med en sista väderuppdatering. Under dagen återkommer vi också med en Google kartnål för samlingsplatsen.

An extremely unique gift

So you want to scare the living daylights out of someone you love with this extraordinary experience? Then we’ve got you covered. Tick the box for a gift card during the checkout and we will mail it to your address of choice. We promise, it won’t leave anyone untouched. The question is if that person will find the courage to perform the jump...

Our location - Just a one hour drive from Stockholm

We offer balloon flights mainly in Västerås and Enköping from May to October. They are located just 80 to 120 km west of Stockholm. These locations offer plentiful of potential landing fields in all directions which significantly boosts the odds of carrying out a flight regardless of wind direction.

Safety - Paramount to the ultimate experience

At Bungy Sthlm, safety is a core value and an integral part of our long-term strategy of providing the most exciting experiences out there.
We have taken specific measures every step of the way to ensure the safety of our jumpers. This entails not least integrated safety redundancy in critical components such as in our bungee cords and the connecting points along the safety system.
Continuous development of the safety measures as well as recurrent training of our staff are also parts of our comprehensive strategy to fully commit to safety in every aspect of our products.

Committed to Impeccable Service

We follow the most stringent requirements for online purchases in Sweden. This means that we offer:

  • 2 years validity

  • 14 days right of withdrawal - 100% refund*

  • Speedy response - Our phone line opening hours are extended to 10-20 everyday during our season

  • Different payment methods for our Swedish customers**

* The physical gift card purchase excluded

** Credit card only for our international customers purchase

The fear is real - Read this before you purchase a jump

Bungee Jumping off a free-flying balloon is just as extreme as it sounds. If you know that your fear of heights might become an issue, then it is safe to assume that dizziness will likely ensue and you will be flushed with negative thoughts that obstruct you from taking the leap.

Of course, no-one knows for certain how we will react once we stand on the edge of the balloon basket. You will be literally hundreds of meters above the ground and that’s a scary sight for most of us. But it does help to envision such a scenario to help prepare yourself mentally for what is to come. And yes, there have been those who didn’t get over the fear and ultimately failed to jump.

Our view is that, everybody can do it with a healthy dose of grit and determination, but it won’t hurt to really think it through before you make a purchase.

Flight Duration Normally around 1 hour but could last slightly longer or shorter

Total Duration 4-5 hours and includes:
- pilot safety briefing
- Preparation and packing of the balloon before and after the flight
- the flight itself
- Toasting after landing
- Travelling back to the original launch site

Age Limits Minimum 15 years old. Customers under 18 must
bring a signed consent by a legal guardian.

Weight Limits Between 50-125 kg

Clothing Comfortable, durable clothes. Flat footwear that can be tightened. Warm clothes when applicable.

Bungy Jumping involves high acceleration, high g-force, jerking of the body and moments where the body hangs in an upside-down position. Certain physical conditions can be triggered or aggravated during Bungy Jumping.
These include but are not limited to the following:

- Heart failure
- Stress related illnesses
- Back-and neck related injuries
- High/low blood pressure
- Epilepsy
- Ocular hypertension (high eye pressure)
- Fractured bones/dislocations
- Panic/Anxiety attacks
- Any recent sprains/muscular injuries
- Osteoporosis
- Recent concussion - Diabetes

We advice anyone who might be unsure of their health status to consult their medical advisor prior to booking a Bungy Jump. The jumper is solely responsible for his/her physical condition and ought not to jump in the event of any doubt therein.

Due to safety concerns, we cannot permit Bungy Jumping during pregnancy at any stage. If you become pregnant after purchase of a ticket, contact us so that we can extend your ticket by one season.

1. Can my friends and family fly too and watch me jump?
This can be
arranged depending on the availability of passenger slots. Passengers must buy balloon flight ticket to join the flight. If you are a larger group, then it is better to contact us for special reservation.
separate booking of flight.

2. Can I jump tandem with my friend?
No, the reason is purely due to safety concern in order to have sufficient safety margins during the flight.

3. Do you offer photos from the jump?
Not at this point in time. However, passengers and jumpers always assist one another to capture the jump on film or camera. Rest assured, you will have your jump on camera one way or another!

4. After the jump, how do I get back in the basket?
You will be hoisted back up. But it sure is a great sight hanging 100 meters underneath the basket for a while!

5. Are there any age or weight restrictions?
Yes, minimum 15 years and 50 kg.

6. How do I know if I am fit enough to do Bungy Jump from your hot-air balloon?
Please read our health directions for detailed information.

7. We want to surprise our friend with a bachelor party on Saturday morning. Can we book a flight for a specific date?
Unfortunately, ballooning is contingent on appropriate weather. Thus, it is not for certain that we can fly on a specific date. If you still want to give it a shot, make sure to have a contingency plan should we not be able to fly on the planned day.

8.I’ve bought a ticket for myself, but if I change my mind, can I give my ticket to someone else?
Yes, right up until we have booked you for a specific flight date (which normally occurs a few days prior to the date of flight), you are free to give away your ticket away.

9. How far ahead do you book a date for flights?
Normally, the forecasts are 80% correct roughly 3 days ahead. So that’s the kind of forward planning you can have with ballooning. But forecasts can also change for the worse as we close in on the targeted date. Therefore, it is important to have a flexible approach to the exact date of the flight and be prepared that we may have to give it a few tries before the weather permits ballooning.

Your greatest adventure!

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